Unlock The Secrets of Sustainable Living and Regenerative Design with a Permaculture Design Course Certification in Just 12 Weeks

If you are passionate about creating a greener and more sustainable world our 72-Hour Permaculture Design Course is perfect for you!




Imagine being completely self-reliant and in tune with nature!


Our 72 hour Permaculture Design Certification Course is taught by a certified permaculture teacher, who has practiced the principals of this philosophy in practical situations. This course will give you the knowledge and skills to design and implement sustainable, regenerative systems in any environment!‚Äč


Featuring weekly live instruction, you will leave this course with a solid understanding of permaculture design theory and how to apply it.

Who is this course for?

The Beginner

If you are just getting started, this course will give you the foundational knowledge you need to apply permaculture practices on your property and in your life!

The Organic Farmer

If you are a small (or large) farmer, seeking to deepen your knowledge of regenerative, organic techniques that will increase yield and abundance, this course is for you!

The Homesteader

You are an individual or family who wants to learn how to design your land for optimal efficiency and yield. From food growing, to resource management, this course will teach you everything you need to know to strengthen your family's future.

How does it work?‚Äč


This online course provides both pre-recorded and live video instruction, to give you an overview of what it takes to become a grower.


Class Dates:

March 15 - June 15

Class Duration:

3 months, with lifetime access to materials

Amount of Learning:

72 Hours of Content, 24 Live Classes, 12 Recorded Lectures

What You Get:

Internationally Recognized Certificate


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Why Permaculture?


Permaculture is a set of design principals derived from nature that uses a "whole-systems" approach to create flourishing, self-sustaining environments and communities. The practice of living in harmony with nature is a lifestyle practiced since the beginning of time by indigenous peoples. However, in todays industrial, capitalist age, we are in desperate need of leaders who understand the importance of restoring balance in our communities and our world.


What You Will Learn

Module 1: History & Philosophy

In the first module you will learn the history of permaculture and the principals and ethics that guide it.

Module 2: Soil, Plants & Water

In this module you will learn everything from soil biology, fertility management, composting, food growing, water harvesting to dryland strategies.

Module 3: Animals In The System

Learn about integration of animals for sustainable land management, pest control, fertilization, and overall ecological balance.

Module 4: Building With Earth

Uncover the art of earthworks, pond building, and passive energy design, mastering techniques that not only shape resilient landscapes but also contribute to carbon sequestration.

Module 5: Urban Farming & Plant Medicine

Explore urban and suburban permaculture, bees, mushrooms, and other vital elements, while also unlocking the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine.

Module 6: Community & Social Permaculture

Delve into the principles of regenerative social systems, fostering meaningful connections and resilient communities.

I'm Ready To Learn

Why Choose Our Course?

Engaging Learning

Learn online with live instruction and lessons from the comfort of your home.

Lifelong Community

Join a community dedicated to changing the status quo.

Certification Included

Upon completion, you'll be certified in permaculture design.